Our Success Story

Aesthetics and Technology
come together to an excellent result


KAPPA METAL established in 1958, is one of the oldest specialized factories in the Piraeus Industrial Zone.
We are active in the mass catering sector, machine works, and laminated constructions of land facilities and marine.

The 5.400m² installations include a fully equipped production mounting unit, storage areas, show-room and offices,
all in our new premises situated in Schisto, Piraeus.

KAPPA METAL undertakes the installation of the Professional Catering Equipment for the following:
Ships, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Bars, Student hostels, Mass catering facilities, Construction and placement
of Cold rooms, Ventilation units, Metal rails, Staircases, and various other works depending on client requirements.

Study & Design

KAPPA METAL has a comprehensive Study and Design department that can
undertake the design and execution of any small or large project.

KAPPA METAL fully cooperates with the Client’s architects and engineers as well as
the chef, maitre and directors of every project in order to satisfy every need and wish.

High Quality Services

Constructions which combine powerful aesthetic lines and best quality are the attributes
which are necessary in order to accurately and successfully bring to completion
the most demanding and complex projects.



The production department of KAPPA METAL is equipped with modern CNC machines
for the structuring and processing of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other materials.

Having as a guide the development and the complexity of the different technical sectors,
we constantly invest in the necessary know-how and modern mechanical equipment.

The spacious assembly area allows the production of large construction works, as well as
the packing and proper loading of the ready products through specially formed ramps.

Trust & Confidence

The installation and the delivery in operational condition of the equipment
is the final phase of the project and requires teams of technicians with long standing experience.


Installation & Service

KAPPA METAL has in house technicians-installers for ships, shipboard and shipyard works,
as well as for land based installations in various parts of the world, serving the needs
emerging out of the copious use of the machines.

Our FLY TEAM installers, especially for ships, have all the required legal permits
for the necessary works that need to be undertaken while at sea.
After Sales Service and immediate support of the customer is the most significant merit of us.