Providing creative solutions for galleys that exceed your expectations and meets industry guidelines.

Design & Layouts

KAPPA METAL has a comprehensive Study and Design department that can undertake the design and execution of any small or large project.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are in continuous contact with the customers and their representatives, working on precise time schedules to minimize delivery time and works on site.


The production department of KAPPA METAL is equipped with modern CNC and automatic Lazer machines for the structuring and processing of stainless steel standard or custom-made to order according to the customer’s needs,  specifications and design.

Installation and Commissioning

KAPPA METAL has in house technicians-installers for ships, shipboard and shipyard works, as well as for land based installations in various parts of the world, serving the needs emerging out of the copious use of the machines.

Service and After Sales

We offer maintenance service to prolong the equipment lifecycle and conduct lifecycle studies to ensure that galleys are fully functional and operational.


Spare Parts

We have a great inventory of spare parts in stock and ready to ship, to ensure the lifecycle of the equipment onboard. Genuine OEM parts are guaranteed to work to exact manufacturer specs, which translates to safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty protection.